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Service tenet

Quanxiang measures and standardizing employees' behaviors with the value of "responsibility, challenge and win-win". It is committed to service innovation and fulfillment of service commitment, and strives to provide after-sales service beyond customers' expectations

After-sales service system

Quanxiang has a perfect after-sales service system, the company has set up a technical support center, for the company's services and related products to provide strong technical support.

The technical support center has a group of excellent professional and technical personnel and provides after-sales service support of 5×8 hours service mode, which can not only provide quick and convenient support for the implementation of the whole service project in a timely manner, but also provide long-term free technical consultation and other services for customers.

In line with the principle of customer first, keep the promise, nib commitment: within 24 hours to answer the user's questions.

To provide users with quality, efficient, professional after-sales service is the pursuit of nib.

Monday - Friday

After-sales Service Contents

After sales service handling customers can contact Quanxiang technical support Center engineer and submit questions.

Include: hotline, fax, email and online submission of the website and other means.

After receiving the problem, the technical support engineer of Quanxiang will log the problem into the Customer Problem tracking and handling table and handle the problem preliminarily.

If it is a technical problem, the TECHNICAL support Center will provide further support; if it is a product problem, the problem will be referred to the Development Department for handling; if it is a problem in the execution of the project, the problem will be referred to the project Execution Department for handling.

Telephone, online video support telephone, online video support refers to the customers in the use of quanxiang products (including service product) when they encounter problems or equipment is not normal, by phone, online video, fax, E-mail or online declaration to the tip for technical support and help, the tip after confirmed the customer's service request, will arrange technical personnel within the prescribed period of time (i.e., response time) by phone, online video to help customers problems found, and put forward solutions, eventually to guide customers to solve the problem

Site support site support refers to the customer in the use of quanxiang products (including service product) when they encounter problems or equipment when not in normal condition, if cannot be handled via phone support, after both sides negotiate to determine the need for the solution of cases, the tip will send engineers to the scene analysis the cause of the problem, and finally solve the problem.

• After the on-site problem is resolved, the pen tip engineer shall submit a detailed written analysis report of the problem solution to the user.

• For major problems, the online video should be solved first. If the online video cannot be solved, the journey time to the site should be different according to the distance from the nib to the site.

For different distances, travel time is negotiated by both parties

In order to strengthen the communication between Quanxiang and customers and further improve the service provided by nib and the quality of relevant products, nib will arrange staff to visit and communicate with customers on a regular basis, actively collect and sort out the problems concerned by customers, and submit them to relevant departments for solution.

Nib technical support Center

+86 53286158316


After-sale service guarantee measures

Quanxiang company has a quality management department, with a very perfect quality management system, which can ensure that all the business of the company is carried out in accordance with the process of quality and quantity.

Quanxiang Company has a site survey, system planning and design, engineering, installation supervision, installation and debugging of system optimization, daily control and legacy processing projects, and project completion, the project summary, training and development, customer satisfaction management, customer care and after sales customer service standard scientific standard operating procedure (SOP) and quality control process (QCP), and regularly carry out to service customer satisfaction as the center of quality education activities.

Therefore, the quality of after-sales service will be fully guaranteed.